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Hydrogen peroxide test in milk

Hydrogen peroxide is used as a sanitizing of milk handling equipment. The presence of hydrogen peroxide can contaminate the milk. The purpose of the test is to detect any traces inside the product. This test also allows to check the possible addition of hydrogen peroxide in raw milk, before pasteurization, to increase its shelf-life.


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Test type: End Point.
Colorimetric reaction at 505 nm.
Testing time: one test 6 minutes
Are possible test sessions with several samples, up to a maximum of 14.
The system is supplied pre-calibrated and ready for use.
It is also possible to standardize the system using samples with a known value.

Principle of the test

H2O2 + phenolic derivate peroxidase Pink complex

Hydrogen peroxide reacts with a phenolic derivate and peroxidase, and forms a pink colored complex whose intensity measured at 505 nm, is directly proportional to the concentration of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) in the sample. (H2O2)

Correlation Data

Comparative tests on samples of fresh milk, where H2O2 standard solution was added, confirmed a very good alignment between Foodlab method and reference method.

h2o2 test in milk: fooodlab reference method compliant

Composition of the Kit and Reagents

Code *300325 suitable for 100 tests, contains: 1 box includes: 10 x reagent test kit *300329.

Code *300329 suitable for 10 tests, contains:

  • R1: 1 package with 10 pre-filled cuvettes with 1 mL of buffer
  • R2: dropper with 1 mL of enzymatic solution.

Processing – Sample volume – Measuring range

Whole or skimmed milk: use as is.

Measuring range
(ppM H2O2)
Sample volume Resolution
(ppM H2O2)
Accuracy Repeatability
1,5 - 25 50 µL 0,1 +/- 5% CV<3%

For samples with a value of H2O2 that exceed the measuring range use half of the sample volume and multiply the result by 2.

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