Determination of the Oxidative Stability of Oil

CDR OxiTester: the fast, simple and reliable olive oil testing system, to be used directly at theoil mill, in the oil processing plant or at the time of purchase

studio-oxitester-rancimatDetermination of oil oxidative stability is crucial to establish oil shelf life (that is to know for how long it can be preserved). The official method to measure this parameter is the so-called Rancimat method, which enables to determine oil stability index.

In a study [1] published in the Journal of AOAC International Vol. 91, No 4, 2008 the CDR OxiTester photometric method for the determination of polyphenols/stability index of olive oil was validated and compared with the Rancimat method.

The study conducted by Minerva S.A. and N. Asteriadis S.A., in collaboration with the University of Athens, demonstrated that the CDR OxiTester method for the determination of the amount of polyphenols/stability index was simple and fast and represented a a valid alternative to the Rancimat method.

In fact, the study demonstrated an adequate correspondence between both methods for a wide number of oil samples with significantly different characteristics.

The results of the study also highlighted two innovative aspects of CDR OxiTester as compared to the Rancimat method:

  • Its ability to determine the organoleptic qualities of oil, because the test results are in line with the total concentration of polyphenols in the product
  • The rapidity of CDR OxiTester in determining oil stability index: 6 minutes as compared to 10-12 hours of the Rancimat method. A further advantage of CDR OxiTester derives from the fact that it eliminates the need of washing the instrumentation.

[1] “A novel photometric Method for evaluation of oxidative stability of vergin olive oils”. [VN Kamvissis. Minerva S.A. Edible Oils Enterprises, Analytical Laboratory Department. EG Barbounis. N. AsteriadisS.A., Application Department. NC Megoulas, MA Koupparis. University of Athens, Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry. Journal of AOAC International Vol. 91, No 4,2008]

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