Analytical methods, developed by the CDR laboratories, and the CDR FoodLab® analysis systems have been compared with the ISO/AOCS reference methods. Moreover, the systems from the CDR FoodLab® range have been used in several studies carried out by world wide universities and by important research centers

The diverse certified laboratories and research institutes, have expressed very favorable opinions on the CDR systems being in line with the reference methods, as well as on the correlation with traditional methods, and the user- friendliness of the systems.

Following are the research and comparative studies involving the analysis systems of the CDR FoodLab® line.

Testing of Milk and Cheese with CDR FoodLab® and Determination of the Shelf-Life

FoodLab Method for dairy products analysis: study and correlation with reference methods results

FoodLab was used during the study entitled “Comparison between analytical methods for the determination of the amount of ammonia, Peroxide Value (PV), chlorides and lactic acid aimed at calculating the shelf-life of ricotta cheese” conducted by Toppino P.M., Campagnol L., Cori E., Riva M. from Istituto Sperimentale Lattiero-Caseario (Dairy Products Experimental Institute), Lodi DISTAM, Milano

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