CDR BeerLab® at Beer Attraction 2016 in Rimini Italy

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Le analisi chimiche della birra rapide e semplici in birrifcio:  non devi rivolgerti ad un laboratorio esterno, le analisi chimiche non sono più un problema

Only few days left to Beer Attraction and we will be there for the second year consecutively, to present CDR BeerLab® with Sacco, which, from this year, become the exclusive distributor for Italy of CDR analysis system for beer.

CDRBeerLab. beer analyisis system, at Beer Attraction 2016 Rimini Italy

Beer Attraction is one of the most important event dedicated to beer, where all the professional operators of the supply chain meet. The event is also opened to the public of beer fans and gourmet beer tasters. Beer Attraction is organized by UNIONBIRRAI with the patronage of Italgro and it is scheduled from Saturday 20 to Tuesday 23 February 2016 at Rimini.

Practical demonstrations vs our words

We will wait for you at Hall A7 Stand 1 to provide practical demonstrations of the analysis system.

You will discover how simple and rapid it is to perform the tests with CDR BeerLab®. The system gives accurate results, verified by the conformity with the reference chemical analysis methods.

CDR BeerLab® save you the trouble of engaging skilled staff and an external laboratory: it uses simple and optimized methods, rapid to perform, without risks, without waste.

Many advantages in only one system

CDR BeerLab® supports the work of breweries, brew masters, consultants and anyone whoever needs to analyze in an such easy, rapid and reliable way with a wide range of parameters on beer.

With CDR BeerLab® you can analyze in the beer Fermentable sugars, Bitterness, Color, Lactic Acid D+L, Alcohol Content, pH must, Starch, Free Ammino Nitrogen by OPA (FAN); in water Calcium, Magnesium, Bicarbonate, Chloride, Potassium, Sulfate

Are you ready to analyze your beer?

CDR BeerLab® analyzers for beer analyses in brewery

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