Final report BBTech Expo - Beer Attraction 2018

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CDR BeerLab is the easy, fast and reliable testing system to be used directly at the brewery with no need of expertise in chemical analysis

The trade exhibition

CDR attended to BBTech Expo 2018 that is the international event organized by Italian Exhibition Group and dedicated to specialty and craft beers, technologies and ingredients.
The event, scheduled from Saturday 17 to Tuesday 20 February 2018, was dedicated to all the professional operators of the supply chain and took place at the same time of Beer Attraction.
The two Exhibitions have been a success.

CDR has participated at BeerAttraction with Sacco, company that in addition to distribute CDR BeerLab®, as exclusive CDR distributor for Italy, also offers a solution line for microbiology analysis.

BBTech 2018  booth of CDR BeerLab: beer, wort and water analysis systems for brewing process quality control

Many news at our booth:

  • New CDR BeerLab® Junior:unlike the previous version, CDR BeerLab® Junior enables IBU, VDKs measurement and water analysis too. CDR BeerLab® Junior can be configured with the most suitable panel of analyses best suited to your requirements. This enables you to carry out main analyses for brewing process control with a small investment. Discover more about CDR BeerLab® Junior
  • The New Vicinal diketones (VDKs) test that is available on CDR BeerLab® and CDR BeerLab® Junior since March 2018. Click here and discover more about the test
  • At our stand there was Mr. Nicola Coppe of Lab4Beer, an innovative project with the purpose to increase master brewer’s knowledge and the awarness of the necessity of the control of the beer production process, from the wort to the beer.

The teams CDR BeerLab and Sacco at BBTech 2018

Test beyond taste! Chemical Analysis of Beer directly in your brewery

slide show Beer and Water analysis directlty in your brewerySimone Bellassai, CDR Food and Beverage chemical analysis Specialist, held the seminar “beer and water analysis directly in your brewery”. Take a look at the slide show.

CDR BeerLab® the Beer analysis system

CDR BeerLab at BBTech -  BeerAttraction 2018Many people come to visit us at our booth.

Excellent feedback from people: CDR BeerLab® is the solution to any analysis needs.

This versatile system is specifically devised by CDR to respond to the needs of master brewers and to breweries of all size from small to large enterprises. The CDR BeerLab® analysis system allows you to perform a wide range of tests on beer, wort and water with a single device, faster and with ease compared to the traditional methods.

Next Step for CDR BeerLab®

craft brewers conference The CDR BeerLab® system will be presented in USA at Craft Brewer Conference (CBC) in Nashiville. April 30-May 3, 2018.
We are waiting for you at booth number 2856.

See you at the CBC!

Click and Discover more about CDR BeerLab® chemical Analyzers for complete and accurate in-house quality control in brewing process

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