The debut of the CDR BeerLab® analysis systems

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Le analisi chimiche della birra rapide e semplici in birrifcio:  non devi rivolgerti ad un laboratorio esterno, le analisi chimiche non sono più un problema

From 21st to 24th February CDR was present at BeerAttraction, in Rimini, where the international event for breweries and beer took place. CDR launched there the new CDR BeerLab® analysis systems for beer and wort. The four days in fair for the new analysis systems CDR BeerLab® were a success.

At the stand the visits of brew masters and beer sector insiders alternated. They were attracted by the new analytical solutions for beer developed by CDR: CDR BeerLab® and CDR BeerLab® Junior.

Demos of beer analyses on beer and must with the CDR BeerLab® systems aroused intense interest for the rapidity and the analysis method of the instruments. The analyzers allow to monitor the different parameters of the quality control during the beer production process and directly in the brewery plant, thanks to the study of optimized analysis methods, correlated to the reference methods. This allows to make analyses with the CDR BeerLab® systems in easy, fast and reliable way, without the need of laboratory facilities or skilled staff.

We can say that the new CDR BeerLab® analysis systems for beer have had a warm welcome. Here are some pictures at our stand and in fair during BeerAttraction’s days.

CDR BeerLab® at BeerAttraction, 21st – 24th February 2015:

CDR BeerLab<sup>®</sup> booth at BeerAttraction, Rimini

Analysis of beer and wort with CDR Beerlab Touch

Simple analysis methods and reliable results: demos of the analyses with CDR BeerLab<sup>®</sup> and CDR BeerLab<sup>®</sup> Junior at BeerAttraction

CDR BeerLab<sup>®</sup> and CDR Beerlab Junior, shown to the audience

Beer of the Year Contest: Simone Bellassai giving the award

All the analyses performed as demos with CDR BeerLab<sup>®</sup>, during one day in fair

CDR BeerLab® analyzers for
beer analyses in brewery

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