CDR FoodLab® at expositions in China

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CDR FoodLab, the fats and oils chemical analysis system for quality and process controlseither in a laboratory or on the production line

Shanghai Biochemmu Technology co., ltd presented the CDR FoodLab® analysis systems for the quality control on oils and fats at “China Convenience Food Conference” and “China Annual Conference Of Oil and Fat” in September.

China Annual Conference Oil and Fat 2016


The conferences ware hosted by “Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology” and “Chinese Cereals and Oils Association”.

Many big food manufactures were present at these conferences, specially producers and users of oils.

CDR FoodLab, chemical analysis systems for QC fats and olis at China Annual Conference Oil and Fat  2016

Shanghai Biochemmu, distributor of CDR FoodLab® in China, show the CDR FoodLab® and CDR FoodLab® Junior with specific application for oils and in particular for instant noodles.

Discover more about CDR FoodLab® the ideal method for performing quality and process controls, in real time, directly on food industry production lines

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