CDR WineLab® conquers the “New World”

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Simple and reliable chemical analysis of wine in winery with CDR WineLab

The meeting with Partner SA in Santiago led the Company in an interesting partnership which will see it as main distributor of CDR WineLab® in Chile.

Chilean wineries - CDR WineLabChilean vineyards - CDR WineLab for wine analysis in Chile

The Chilean market is living an economic expansion and showed great enthusiasm for our products. All the cellars visited by Simone had a positive approach toward our wine analysis system.

These are the impressions Simone gave at his return: “The Chile is the place I had surely the biggest satisfaction in showing CDR WineLab®”.

Dr. Simone Bellassai, specialist of the chemical analysis of the wine, at the winery Folatre - CDR WineLab in ChileCDR WineLab, wine analysis system, in Chilean wineries

The reliability and easiness of CDR WineLab® for wine analysis were really appreciated also in the second part of the travel which saw our specialist, protagonist of a further stop-over in Uruguay.

In addition to the Uruguayan cellars, Simone had the opportunity to make further presentations about the features of CDR WineLab® directly to the Uruguayan Oenological Association, raising lot of interest.

Analysis of the wine at Winery KoyleChilean wineries - CDR WineLab in Chile

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