An easy-to-use device for real-time monitoring of your fermentation

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An easy-to-use device for real-time monitoring of your fermentation - CDR WineLab®Watch the webinar recording to find out how you can monitor winemaking in-house with a dedicated device that allows you to carry out quality control tests at any stage of the winemaking and improve the entire process.

Check and improve the vinification in the Winery

The wine analysis system CDR WineLab® is able to carry out in a simple and rapid way, directly in the winery, the most important analyses to monitor the entire winemaking process, both in red and white: the analyses on grapes and must, the determination of YAN for the correct nutrition of the yeasts, the control of alcoholic and malolactic fermentation, up to the necessary controls during the bottling phase.

CDR WineLab® therefore allows you to carry out in real time the actions needed to improve the winemaking process.

The Webinar

In the webinar made in collaboration with Infowine, Dr. Simone Bellassai, Chemist, Oenologist and CDR FoodLab® Division Manager, shows the technical characteristics of CDR WineLab®  and how to use the analysis system in all stages of winemaking. Then you can watch the practical demonstration of how you can test L-Malic Acid and Total SO2 with CDR WineLab® using the multitasking mode of the system which allows to reduce analysis times. The webinar ends with a question and answer section.

The Webinar Recording

Download the presentation


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