CDR WineLab® lands in North America

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Simple and reliable chemical analysis of wine in winery with CDR WineLab

From 2016 Capital Letters will represent CDR in the USA for the search of the appropriate distribution channels for CDR WineLabConsolidating our presence on international markets, signing partnership with important sale channels, it forms part of our growth strategy. That’s why, 8th November, we signed an agreement with Capital Letters Marketing, an US integrated marketing company with high experience to support customers in achieving their business goals.

The purpose of the agreement is to launch CDR WineLab® system on north american market through the most appropriate distribution channels.

Capital Letters Press Release“CDR is a great company,” said Chris Hippler, President of Capital Letters Marketing. We’re honored to help them build a stronger presence in the United States since the launch of CDR WineLab® system. CDR manufactures analyzers designed to ensure quality control during the production process of foods and beverages. CDR WineLab® is an exciting new product.” added Hippler, “It is easy to use, and features advanced technology that allows you to manage several analytical parameters at the same time to quickly determine the complete profile of a wine sample.”

CDR Winelab is a system designed to monitor wine and must quality in winemaking process and you can use it directly in the winery during all the phases of wine production. Its analytical methods optimise the traditional ones so as to obtain reliable results easily and in rapid time, without the need of an equipped laboratory or the necessity to engage an external laboratory.

Great satisfaction for the partnership with Capital Letters Marketing in CDR’s headquarter too: the agreement will allow us to continue to internalize our brand and to be in North America a new partner for the sale and the support of analytical systems for the american wine industry.

Discover how CDR WineLab® can support oenologists and wineries to monitor in real time the winemaking process!

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