Fats and oils analysis with CDR Foodlab in USA

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3rd October 2013 – Selling CDR Foodlab® range instruments in the USA market is considerably increasing in the latest years:

Trend of the USA sales of the FoodLab line instruments, the CDR food analyzers for a quick food quality check

The positive trend encouraged to strengthen the partnership with the American company Crystal Filtrartion, the distributor of the CDR Foodlab® systems in the USA.

Based in Michigan, Crystal Filtration provides filtration and fluid analysis services. Amongst their offer you can find a specific solution for large commercial fryers. It is a compound equipment made by the CDR FoodLab® analyzer to test cooking oil and the Filsorb Filtration system. This solution allows to reduce the Free Fatty Acids and to extend the life of cooking oil. It can improve the fried food quality as well.

The optimization of filter performance and fluids analysis is the main objective of the Company activity. An accurate analysis and a clear filtration solution can be difficult and time consuming.

CDR and Crystal Filtration can therefore easily supply solutions that reduce time testing and use optimized analysis procedures. Oils and fats can be made last longer and the clients can use less products for the processes.

Companies in USA that use any kind of oil or fat matrixes can have therefore great benefits from the service that CDR Foodlab® and Crystal Filtration can now supply

We have renewed our commercial agreement with Crystal Filtration because USA sales are expected to grow, referring in particular to our most wanted product on the American market, CDR FoodLab®. It is the analyzer that performs tests for animal fats and vegetable oils, as frying vegetable oils, fresh and refined vegetable oils or waste oils.

The graphic below shows the incidence of the USA American market in the total of the CDR external sales:

CDR external sales in USA, where instruments for cooking oil analysis is the most request

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