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News , News & Topics 18 February 2014  |  

Food Management Today talks about our food and beverage analysis systems. Jamie Duncan, QCL technical specialist, has been interviewed for the research that the magazine realized on food inspection, testing and quality control on the January/February 2014 edition. QCL is the CDR FoodLab® range distributor in UK.

Download the PDF version of Food Management Today's article about CDR FoodLabThe article talks about an imminent move toward at in-line testing in industries and our CDR FoodLab® range of products is introduced: “The range is designed to be used by anyone from a lab technician to a farmer really. It’s very straightforward to use; everything is premeasured; you just use a pipette to take your sample and add it to the reagent. It has a huge number of parameters that we can measure for: fatty acids, peroxide value, anisidine value – and that’s just in the oils.”

You can read the article from the online magazine at page 34 – 37 or download the PDF here:

“Testing times continue” by Carrie Martindale – Download PDF about food analysis system report PDF version

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