CDR FoodLab® Analyzers for edible oils and fats in Lebanon

News , News & Topics 21 May 2012  |  

CDR FoodLab® Line, food and beverage analyzers, were presented in Beirut to a group of operators of the edible oil sector and of Lebanase food industry.

CDR FoodLab analyzer for fats, edidle oil, dairy products quality control presented by Gabriele Casini in Lebanon

The presentation was made by CDR as a result of the distribution agreement with the Lebanese company Biolab.

The sales managers of CDR, Gabriele Casini, accompanied by staff of Biolab, have had the opportunity to visit local companies that produce oil, nuts, dairy products.

A considerable interest was expressed for the CDR FoodLab® line especially for edible oil analysis and dairy products quality control. It was also an opportunity to meet some winemakers including a customer, already user of the CDR WineLab® for wine and must analysis.

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