The distribution of the CDR FoodLab® Line in the UK

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QuadraChem Laboratories Ltd is the new distributor of the CDR Foodlab analysis equipment in the UKQuadraChem Laboratories Ltd. will be the partner for the distribution in the UK of the CDR FoodLab® analysis systems. The new distribution agreement has been signed recently from CDR and the English Company in order to sell and promote the instruments of the CDR FoodLab® Line in the UK market.

In recent years the number of clients coming from UK has grown considerably. That is the reason why CDR has searched a partner for distribution and has now signed the agreement.

We have provided some important customers in the United Kingdom with our products in these years but as we are receiving a large number of requests for our analyzers from UK, we need a good partner for distribution. I think that QCL is that kind of partner.

FoodLab Line distribution agreement in the UKWe are sure that QCL will be able to promote in the best way the CDR FoodLab® Line in the UK, thanks to their thirty years of experience and their excellent customer service.

The set of the CDR FoodLab® analyzers is designed for the quality control of food and beverage. The systems are specialized in specific food substances and can realize a wide range of tests. In the section Analyzers of this website you can discover the characteristics of our instruments and the panel of tests they can do.

Moreover the systems offer an answer to specific analytical needs. Here you can find a detailed description of methods and procedure of each analysis. You can also find out that our instruments are certified and compliant with the reference methods.

Who is QCL? QuadraChem Laboratories Ltd. (QCL) has been serving laboratory scientists in the UK for more than 30 years, providing innovative rapid analytical testing products for a wide range of industries. It source equipment from around the world, using its expertise to select the most advanced, robust and cost-effective analytical solutions. For more information, visit

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