Introducing the new CDR FoodLab® at Snaxpo

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CDR and Filsorb will present the new CDR FoodLab® at Snaxpo, the world’s premier event for the snack food industry. The 2015 edition will take place in Orlando, Florida.

CDR and Filsorb at Snaxpo for presentation and demos of food analysis with CDR FoodLab

During the fair days, from 28th to 31st March, the booth at which you can find CDR FoodLab® and see demos of the analysis method with the new system is #226B. At the booth it will be possible to perform practical analyses of the main quality parameters for snacks, fats and oils, eggs and milk. Everyone is welcome to see the innovative characteristics and functions of the new analysis system, that analyze food as is or with a very simplified sample treatment.

Many applications are possible with the new CDR FoodLab®, evolution of the previous models FoodLab and FoodLabFat that are widely used and widespread in the food industry companies worldwide.

These are the main innovative elements introduced in the new CDR FoodLab®, compared to its preceding version:

  • touchscreen interface
  • the “step by step” guide for the analyses, directly displayed on touchscreen in case support is needed
  • multitasking mode, that allows to optimize incubation times and so perform simultaneously more than one different analyses
  • increased sensitivity of the reading module, consisting in 8 channels distributed in 4 reading cells (2 LEDs each)
  • wider incubation module that allows to analyze up to 16 samples at a time
  • internal memory to store analysis results – normally results are printed on receipts through the graphic printer
  • possibility to export results
  • high connectivity through different kind of ports

The staff in fair will be ready to welcome visits from anyone of Snaxpo’s international audience interested in discovering the new CDR FoodLab® and its technical and analytical characteristics.

Click for more information about CDR FoodLab®: Rapid, easy to use – AOCS compliant results

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