Labolytic AS, new distributor in Norway

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The food and beverage analysis with FoodLab line analyzers nearer to NorwayLabolytic AS is the new Norwegian distributor of the CDR analysis systems. The distribution agreement has been concluded at the beginning of this summer.

Labolytic AS is particularly attentive to the needs of the food industry and is constantly searching for analytical solutions simple to use and able to give reliable results rapidly, in order to enhance logistics and the work flow of the production line.

The characteristics of our instruments respond perfectly to these needs: facility of use, rapidity and reliability with the advantage of analyzing many parameters with only one instrument.

We foresee that the first commercial efforts of Labolytic AS will focus on the necessities of the companies that produce, transform or sell fish oil and his derived products.

Indeed, using CDR FoodLab®, the analyses of fish oil and the quality control of the related industrial production are considerably simplified. Some clients in this sector use it already and directly on the production line for the analyses of p-anisidine, peroxide value and free fatty acids (acidity).

However we are convinced that the CDR analyzers could soon appear interesting for other Scandinavian companies as well, companies that produce or use food ingredients like vegetable oils, fried oils, vegetable purees, nuts, packed snacks or alcoholic drinks like cider or beer.

Who is Labolytic AS? Norwegian company with over 15 years of experience, specialized in sales and distribution of test kits and equipment for laboratories in various industries, with a special focus on the food processing industry. It holds exclusivity rights for distributing a number of high quality producers and has a Scandinavian collaborator, Food Diagnostics, in Denmark and Sweden.

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