The chemical analysis and characteristics of the olive oil

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Le analisi dell'olio di oliva rapide semplici e affidabili in frantoio o sull'impianto dell'azienda olearia: le analisi chimche non sono più un problema

In the sector of the olive oil production is diffusing a kind of culture of the oil that is careful more and more about the chemical characteristics of the vegetable food matrix the most prestigious in the market of the oils and fats. The milling service in the production plants is accompanied increasingly by an oil analysis service that provides valuable information both for customers and for operators.

How to analyze the oil with CDR OxiTester: watch the acidity analysis


The chemical characteristics of the oil produced and of the various batches managed by an oil mill reflect indeed the characteristics of the olives from which it is extracted.

From the field to the bottle

The olives represent the final goal of the farmer but are the starting point of the olive oil extraction process. In that sense they are the junction point between field and bottle, between clients and managers of the oil mills, who do nothing but transform a product that has to maintain the most genuine characteristics of the fruit it comes from.

The extraction of the vegetable fat from the olives, carried on by the oil mills with mechanized or not techniques, leads to an oil characterized by a fraction of saponifiable fats (triglycerides, about 99%) and a minor fraction of not saponifiable fats (minor components).

The high quality of the oil is given by the poor presence of Acidity (Free Fatty Acids) and by the concentration of antioxidants. Monitoring the chemical parameters of the olive oil, you can monitor its quality and gurantee the bond with the product of the land.

A simple and self-managed quality control

The control of parameters like Acidity, Peroxide Value, K270 and Polyphenols is useful to ensure the quality of the work done into the oil mill and is the assurance that the characteristics of the oil produced are compliant to the oil quality criteria defined by law.

Besides it is useful for practical reasons like: defining the prices to be paid to the ones who leave the oil produced to the mill, defining which batches can become certified as Extra Vergin Olive Oil (EVOO), the way to evaluate the oil or the oil storage in the plants.

For this reason it is important to determine the fundamental chemical parameter of an oil in a simple and rapid way directly in the oil mills or in other oil production plants without losses of time that are obstructions for the regular activity of the production in the plants.

With CDR OxiTester you can analyze immediately the olive oil produced and all the batches of oil present and stored in the plant. Indeed OxiTester allows to determine in few minutes the oil quality directly in the plant without the need of skilled or specialized staff.

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