CDR WineLab® show at #Simei2013: wine analysis in Milan

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Simple and reliable chemical analysis of wine in winery with CDR WineLab

Last week a part of our resources was busy at the International Oenological and Bottling Equipment Exhibition, Simei 2013 edition. The fair started on Tuesday 12th November and lasted till Saturday 16th November. The show was in Milan, at the large exposition space of Rho Fiera and we brought here to be showcased the CDR WineLab® analysis system.

CDR WineLab can analyze wine and must directly in the winery, during the winemaking process: results are given in few minutes

Simone Bellassai – CDR WineLab® Specialist, and Giulia Chiarion – Marketing Department, have been demonstrating the wine and must analysis system to the international visitors who stopped at the stand, located in the Pavillon 9, place E06.

In the past days the system aroused a great interest in the audience present at Simei and many people could see the analytical method developed by CDR for fast, simple and reliable wine analysis.

Furthermore at the show was presented the new multi-parametric function of CDR WineLab® that consent to perform 9 tests in 10 minutes and to obtain in this way the complete analytical profile of a wine.

Here are some other pictures taken during the fair:

Wine analysis with CDR WineLab: Total acidity, Acetic Acid, Total sulfur dioxide, Free sulfur dioxide, pH, Malic Acid, Lactic Acid, Sugars, Alcohol

Following few simple steps, CDR WineLab performs the analysis to monitor the wine production process

The great interest in CDR WineLab analysis system from the international audience in front of the stand

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