Snaxpo and CDR FoodLab® ’s snack food analyses

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This year Snaxpo has witnessed the official presentation of the new CDR FoodLab® .

2015 Snaxpo edition in Florida, OrlandoThe international trade show devoted exclusively to the snack food industry concluded on the 31st March and took place in Orlando, Florida.

CDR participated in the event with a booth in the exhibition area at the Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center. We shared the booth with our distributor in the US, Crystal Filtration, that also owns oil-purifying products for the extension of cooking oil life in the food processing industry.

Snaxpo connects every year snack food professionals and insiders – owners, executives and buyers – from all over the world. It was the perfect place for the global introduction of the new CDR FoodLab® analysis system.

The new analyzer is the renewed version of FoodLabFat, the analytic equipment appreciated and used in laboratories, testing facilities and manufacturing plants worldwide for different analytical needs.

In many kinds of oils and fats, vegetable and animal fats, in cooking oils, deep-frying oils, in milk, in eggs, in finished products and other matrices CDR FoodLab® tests parameters like Free Fatty Acids (FFA), Peroxide Value (PV), Anisidine Value (AnV) and more. That is why the analyzer is appropriate for many different applications. It supports production with an easy and reliable product quality control, allowing even unskilled operators to carry out analysis of important parameters in few minutes.

Professionals and insiders at Snaxpo 2015 entrance

“The presentation at Snaxpo of the new CDR FoodLab® and with it the presentation of the whole new range of FoodLab Line products – says Gabriele Casini, CDR Marketing Manager – was a huge success.”

“The USA are for CDR analyzers – continues Casini – the first market while the sector of snacks is the most important for the diffusion and the big quantity of production of that kind of food products in North America.

Snaxpo confirmed the huge request for quality control systems for oils used during snacks production. Furthermore our analysis systems are perfectly complementary with Crystal Filtration’s Filsorb, a filtration system to increase oil quality during frying process: with both, CDR FoodLab® and Filsorb, food snack companies can have a comprehensive system to control and increase the quality of the oil, with interesting economic benefits.”

CDR and Crystal Filtration teams at the booth“During Snaxpo – says Casini – we presented also a method to control finished products, to verify their quality after the production and over time. With this method, simple and “green”, you can predict the shelf-life of different kind of food snacks. People who visited our booth at Snaxpo were very interested in that method because until now they have had only the possibility to verify the fat content and moisture in snacks – four different exhibitors were proposing that kind of analysis in fair. CDR FoodLab® offers to a company the possibility to control the quality of their snacks as well, monitoring their oxidation.”

Demos during Snaxpo: rapid and easy methods for analysis on fats, oils and finished products and more Analysis on snack food with CDR FoodLab analysis method: easy, rapid and reliable

The next appointment with demo and show of the CDR analytical solutions for snack food production and quality control is going to be in UK, during a technical Conference at Gloucestershire’s Campden BRI. Our distributor in UK and Ireland, QCL, will participate. You can find here more details about the event in May: Snacks Technology Conference

Here below you can find depths about analysis and method of CDR FoodLab® for snack industry analytical needs:

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