Dr. Simone Bellassai presented the speech “Innovative At-Line Quality and Process Control Methods in Food&Beverage Industry” at the 2nd IMEKO FOODS “Metrology Promoting Objective and Measurable Food Quality and Safety” in Benevento. See the slide show»

A wine’s distinguishing features arise from the must it is made from. The latter’s analytical monitoring during the pre-fermentation phase is an essential requisite to obtain a high quality wine. Total acidity, pH, sugar content, volatile acidity are just some of the tests that allow an accurate analytical monitoring of wine must, both before and during the alcoholic fermentation phase. These analyses might not be sufficient to achieve a quality wine if the grapes have been harvested in specific weather conditions, namely hot and dry, or cool and rainy. In such years it is of paramount importance to quickly and easily assay further parameters such as gluconic acid, yeast assimilable nitrogen and malic acid. Let us see when.

One of the most important processes impacting biological and organoleptic stability in wine is the so-called malolactic or secondary fermentation. Through this process, the wine sheds acidity, grows smoother and acquires more complex, mature flavours. Here you will find some key points to fully understand and control malolactic fermentation.

The meeting about oenological techniques and wine analysis took place in Panzano in Chianti. Laffort Italia, CDR Srl and Vinifera Nieri organized it. Here is how was this afternoon of technical information and here are the themes discussed with the speakers, Guido Parodi, Antonio Grazietti and Simone Bellassai, CDR WineLab® Specialist.

New analysis for CDR WineLab®. The wine and must analysis system by CDR can now monitor the parameter of acetaldehyde. The new test enebles wineries to monitor acetaldehyde values during the winemaking process. It is very useful and and significant for the micro oxygenation treatment. Read the introductin of Simone Bellassai, CDR WineLab® Specialist.

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