Wine analysis with CDR WineLab®: news and updates

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Wine testing in winery with CDR WineLab: fast simple reliable analysis system

CDR Winelab’s analysis methods have been lately updated and enriched. CDR WineLab® is the analyzer for wine and must of our food diagnostic range.

Wine and Must analysis system CDR WineLab: instruments will be quickly updated and enriched

Methods for Acetic Acid (Volatile Acidity) and for Alcohol have been further simplified and the Glycerol analysis has been added to the panel of tests of the wine and must analyzer.

Let us see how the methods change and how the new analysis will be added to the devices.

For the acetic acid the total time to conclude the analysis has passed from 10 to 6 minutes. Indeed the preparation of the reagent R1 is better than before: the reagent is now pre-filled, it means ready to use inside a cuvette, and incubation time necessary for the reaction have been reduced far more.

The process for alcohol analysis is now more rapid and easier as well. The new method does not request neither the reconstitution of the reagent, nor the previous dilution of the wine and enables you to conclude the analysis in three simple steps. The total time to conclude the analysis has passed from 5 minutes to 1 only minute.

Moreover CDR WineLab® can find glycerol in wine and must . A new analysis and the relative method, fast and simple, is now available. Even if the glycerol value is almost a “niche” information, useful for revealing the structure of the most full-bodied wines, the new parameter allows a deeper and more specific analysis of the matrix. The analysis is concluded in 3 minutes and needs to use one only reagent.

These news are part of the recently produced analyzers. The analyzers yet in use instead must be configured. The commercial team is therefore making arrangements with clients for the necessary changings and adds.

How are we adding the most recent information to these instruments?

  • Making re-enter into the laboratory the instruments for updating them in a few time
  • Configuring the analyzer with the assistance of a technical via telephone or via internet
  • Through a special software, mainly for the instruments that are located abroad

Take a Look at CDR WineLab® that best suits winemaker needs!!

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