CDR WineLab®’s wine analysis: the video playlists

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Simple and reliable chemical analysis of wine in winery with CDR WineLab

On the CDR WineLab®’s Youtube channel there are the playlists of the video-tutorials of every wine analysis you can perform with CDR WineLab®.

See the video-tutorial for the malic-acid analysis (English):

The project started with an Italian language playlist and it is now in progress: recently we have included indeed the English and the Spanish video playlists as well.

The videos allow to see in detail the method steps of every single wine analysis you can determine with CDR WineLab®.

They allow to share and easily transmit the information about the method execution, exploiting the possibilities offered by the new communication media.

Moreover videos can express unequivocally the operation steps you need to follow and represent a valid support for the operators: the videos can function as an initial guide, as a reference model or as a confirmation of the work done.

Video-tutorials in different languages facilitate clients from different nationalities. That is why we will be inserting soon a French playlist as well, extending the languages available ever more.

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