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Wine testing in winery with CDR WineLab: fast simple reliable analysis system

Review of the progress of research activities aimed at developing tests for CDR WineLab®.

The chemical research laboratory of CDR has been developing a wide panel of tests for wine testing for over one year with the assistance of the “veteran” of the laboratory, Mr. Francesco Bonicolini. Since the early ‘90s, Francesco has been involved in several studies on behalf of CDR aimed at developing clinical chemical reagents for human and animal use. In 2000, he started to investigate the possibility of using these methods to test milk, oils, fats and other food matrices, thus contributing to the development of CDR’ s food diagnostics sector.



Thanks to his experience and the collaboration of Emanuele Salvietti, Ph.D., we were able to transfer the typical accuracy and precision of the laboratory instrumentation used for clinical tests to CDR WineLab® and wine testing.

The know-how acquired by CDR in the production of chemical reagents and in the design of analytical instrumentation has been critical in simplifying the long and complex official wine testing methods.

We have developed methods that have the same accuracy and precision of reference methods, but that can be carried out independently and directly in the wineries without having to send the wine samples to external laboratories. This means that that winemakers and oenologists have the analytical data that they need to promptly make the necessary changes during the wine-making process.

Our research group is currently developing new wine tests, like the one for the determination of Yeast Assimilable Nitrogen (YAN), which is very important during fermentation.

Our aim is to allow the winery or oenologist to rely on a quick test to independently determine the amount of inorganic nitrogen (ammonium ion) and organic nitrogen (α-amino acidic component).

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