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Simple and reliable chemical analysis of wine in winery with CDR WineLab

During the presentation to lebanese Food Industry about CDR FoodLab® analysis instruments for food and beverage, I showed this slideshow about CDR WineLab®.

Wine Test Equipment – CDR WineLab®

Summarizing …

Wine Test Equipment CDR WineLab® Features and Benefits

  • CDR WineLab® is a rapid simple and reliable system. This analyzer to test wine and must in each step during wine making from grapes to wine in bottle
  • The winery is autonomous for the analysis and you can have a result in real time without waiting for the result from external laboratory
  • CDR WineLab® gives an enological consultant the opportunity to work without opening a laboratory

Thanks to its simplicity and reliability, CDR WineLab® can be used by:

  • Small and medium wineries because with CDR WineLab® you can carry out independently the most important analysis on wine affordable analyzer price lower test price compared to laboratories
  • Big wineries because you can carry out analysis on a small samples quantity without using expensive and complicated automatic analysis systems
  • Enological consultants because you can check the most important parameters during wine production in the wineries. Furthermore, you can create a “portable laboratory”

Take a Look at CDR WineLab® the Wine testing Equipment that best suits winemaker needs!!

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