FFA and POV test validation by universities of Republic of Korea

The reliability and availability of CDR FoodLab® system for determining acid value (AV) and peroxide value (POV) were assessed
during the hydrolytic rancidification and lipid oxidation of edible oils.
The CDR FoodLab® system based on spectrophotometry was compared to the official methods (ISO 660 and 3960 protocols) based on manual titration employing the standard mixture for the simulated
oxidation models and edible oils during the thermally induced oxidation at 180°C.
Considering ISO protocols with a probability of human error in manual titration, the rapidness and simplicity of the reagent kit based on spectrophotometry make it a very good alternative to monitor the lipid
oxidation of edible oils and lipid-containing foods.

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Comparison study between CDR FoodLab® for oils and fats analytics methods and reference methods made by Campden BRI

The international reference laboratory Campden Bri has trialled the CDR FoodLab® to establish whether it could meet the requirements for analysing a number of important food quality parameters. assessment of the ability of the CDR FoodLab® to analyse for Anisidine Value, Peroxide Value and Free Fatty Acid content showed that the instrument gave comparable results to the reference methods with very high correlation coefficients suggesting good accuracy of results.

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Comparison of total polyphenol analysis results as performed by CDR OxiTester vs. reference method as per COI/T.20/Doc. n. 29: 2009, by the Merceological Chemistry Laboratory of Florence. Download the

The new Total Polyphenol (Biophenol) test used by the CDR OxiTester has been tuned to the reference method COI/T.20/Doc. no. 29: 2009 by the Merceological Chemical Laboratory of Florence; the total olive oil polyphenol assay results as obtained by the CDR OxiTester method are in good accord with the values obtained by the reference method.

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Standard latte laboratory validation report: MUN analysis with FoodLab method

From July through October 2001, Standard Latte Laboratory, which is part of the Associazione Italiana Allevatori (Italian Breeders Association) ran 2,500 tests in order to check FoodLab method in determining the amount of urea in the milk of cows, buffalos and sheeps. This test validates the analysis method of all the analysis systems of the FoodLab Line, the FoodLab method, comprising the new versions of the systems: CDR BeerLab® and Junior, WineLab Touch, FoodLab Touch and FoodLab Touch for fats and oils.

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