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Milk and Dairy Products Testing: FoodLab Touch Analyzer

The quality control of the production process of milk and dairy products has never been so easy!

FoodLab Touch analyzer for milk and dairy products analysesWith CDR FoodLab Touch you will be able to determine a wide group of quality parameters in milk and dairy products in a simple and rapid way without any kind of previous sample treatment. It is possible thanks to the optimized analysis methods, reference method compliant, and to sensitivity and accuracy of the photometric technology featuring the system.



Available Analysis

One System for Several Tests

CDR FoodLab Touch is able to determine a wide panel of parameters and, therefore, eliminates the need of purchasing and working with several different systems to test the quality of milk and dairy products.

The system is able to process milk samples from cows, buffalos, goats and sheep. CDR FoodLab Touch analyzes: Low-fat milk or whole milk, raw or pasteurized, without any kind of previous sample treatment. Cheese, mozzarella, ricotta cheese, yoghurt, butter, margarine and other dairy products, with an extremely easy sample preparation, in comparison with the one requested by the official method.

What FoodLab Touch can help to control, for instance, in milk? Let's give two exemples:

  • Milk thermal processes: FoodLab Touch supports the measurement of alkaline phosphatase, peroxidase and the amount of fructosyl-lysine (furosine), which completes the panel of tests required to control milk thermal processes.
  • Presence of pathogens and toxins, as specified in the HACCP risk assessment method, because FoodLab Touch is able to identify the presence of lactic acid and ammonia.

An Accurate Measuring Instrument

CDR FoodLab Touch assures reliable results for milk and dairy products analysis. The system owes its sensitivity, accuracy and reliability to the photometric technology based on LED luminous sources. Moreover the correlation with the reference methods makes reliable each analysis performed with the system.

Associazione Italiana Allevatori: validation reportCDR FoodLab Touch analysis method has been validated by the Standard Latte Laboratory and other certified laboratories.

Comparative studies have also demonstrated that the accuracy of the analytical results of FoodLab Touch method parallels the accuracy of the analytical results of reference methods, even if FoodLab Touch is easy to use and able to generate the required results in shorter time.


Fast and Easy

The system can be used by anyone and the analyses can be performed in few minutes. That is possible because:

  • All the methods used have been developed by CDR’s research laboratories and are specifically designed to maximise easiness of use and reduce testing times.
  • The "step by step" guide, displayed on the instrument's touchscreen, helps the operator if any doubt in the analysis procedure arises.
  • The sample is used as is or with an extremely simplified preparation, compared to the official method.
  • Low-toxicity, pre-vialed and disposable reagents eliminate the need of handling toxic or dangerous substances; they have been staudied and are developed by CDR.
  • The wide incubation module allows to analyze up to 16 samples at one time.
  • The Multitasking mode allows the system to process one analysis and to start another one at the same time, with the possibility to go back to the first one at any moment.

Ideal for Business of All Sizes

Thanks to its easiness of use, fast testing times and reliability, FoodLab Touch is used in laboratories specialised in performing quality controls during the production stages or at the time of the product acceptance on behalf of both food industries and dairy farms.
In milk producing farms, FoodLab Touch is used to assess milk thermal processes and to control the quality of milk during milking. Milk producers and zoo-technicians also use FoodLab Touch directly in cattle sheds in order to define an adequate diet and improve the health of the animals.

CDR FoodLab Junior

CDR Foodlab Junior for the analysis of Milk Urea NitrogenCDR FoodLab Junior is the small sized analysis instrument of the CDR FoodLab range of products. It has compact dimensions and allows to determine the amount of Milk Urea Nitrogen (MUN) in milk. Like CDR FoodLab Touch it is easy to use, rapid and reliable.

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Easy to use, analysis results in few minutes


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