CDR OxiTester: FFA, Peroxide Value, K270, Polyphenols, Oil Stability Index (OSI) in Olive Oil

CDR OxiTester is a fast, simple and reliable analysis system that can be used to control the quality of vegetable oils in all of the stages of the oil production process, that is directly in the oil mill, in the oil processing plant or at the time of purchase.

In fact, CDR OxiTester can be used to quickly test oil by operators who have no experience in chemical tests, with no need of a dedicated laboratory.

What they say?

Cresti 100jpgGiampiero Cresti, manager of the Olivicoltori Toscani Associati, Cerbaia V.P. (Florence - Italy): “CDR OxiTester can be used by everyone who is able to read! Besides it is very practical and fast. The operator has only to switch the power on, follow a very simple analytical procedure and he obtains immediately the results [...]

The System


CDR OxiTester is supplied with a 3 year warranty.

The analytical system includes:
  • A spectrophotometric analyzer (touch or junior version) with innovative LEDs emitters and reading and incubation cells thermostated at 37° C.
  • A Kit of pre-filled, disposable reagents with a low toxicity developed by the research laboratories of CDR and a 12-month shelf-life.
  • Pipettes to simplify the collection of the samples.
  • "Step by step" built-in guide during the analysis procedure.


  • controllo-temperatura-frantoioTemperature control system for oil mills: if connected to CDR OxiTester, this system enables to monitor the temperature during the different stages of the pressing process. It includes a converter and a maximum of 4 probes, and is able to provide information on the oil temperature during its extraction in the oil mill.
  • CDR OxiTester Extraction system without solventExtraction system: this innovative, practical and fast system enables to directly obtain a sufficient amount of oil to test its quality from the drupe or hard-shelled dry fruit, by means of a cold pressing process that does not involve the use of solvents. The leading companies that produce hard-shelled dry fruit or that use it as main ingredient have already chosen this method and left aside traditional testing methods that involve the use of toxic solvents (Soxhlet).


CDR OxiTester Analyzers to control the quality of oils


CDR OxiTester Touch: analysis systems for olive oil quality control


CDR OxiTester Junior: analysis systems for olive oil quality control


Analyses Acidity (FFA)
Polyphenols in olive oil
Oil Stability Index (OSI)
K 270
Acidity (FFA)
Simultaneous analyses 16 3
Multitasking mode si
Photometric module 4 reading cells thermostatated 37˚C 4 reading cells thermostatated 37˚C
Incubation Module thermostatated Block 37˚C with 16 positions Reading Block thermostatated 37˚C with incubation function
Dimension and weight 32 X 29,5 X 13 cm (W x D X H) – 2,8 Kg 15 x 22 x 8,3 cm (W x D x H) – 0,80 Kg
Power supply lithium-ion battery si


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