The new dimension of chemical analyses for food and beverage quality control. Put to the test CDR FoodLab® analysis systems: find out which system best suits your needs.

Fast, reliable, compact, all- inclusive: in short, CDR FoodLab® is a true testing laboratory that performs food and beverage quality controls in a very simple way.

CDR Foodlab® systems allow you to analyze more samples at the same time, to manage the determination of several analytical parameters on many types of food and beverage with the same accuracy and precision of traditional methods.

Take a look at the research and comparative studies involving the analysis systems of the CDR FoodLab® line.

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Find out the system that best suits yout needs

Find the right system

It is so easy and fast to find out which system of the CDR FOODLAB® line meets your requirements.
You will find the ideal solution based on your business activity, or on the type of food and beverage you need to test, or the parameter you need to determine.

One single instrument provides you with an all-inclusive testing system answers without relying on dedicated external laboratories or skilled technical staff. Find out the system that best suits your needs.

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14 February 2020
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18 December 2019
Analysis for control of the brewing process
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4 December 2019
CDR WineLab® at SIMEI 2019

CDR WineLab® attended to SIMEI 2019 in Milan Italy.

The exhibition was an incredible success,...

25 November 2019
ACTALIA Analyzer evaluation report CDR FoodLab®
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