Rapid analysis of food and beverages with CDR FOODLAB®

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CDR FOODLAB® is a line of chemical analysis systems for quality control of foods and beverages. For use in the laboratory or on the production line, even without the need for specialised personnel.

Sistema di analisi Foodlab
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What can you analyse?

You will be able to perform analysis of several samples at the same time and carry out a wide range of determinations of many foods and beverages with the same reliability as traditional methods.


Simple and fast

The innovation carried out by CDR research laboratories has enabled us to speed up and simplify analysis procedures. We have made sample preparation absent or very simple. 
The reagents in our systems are pre-filled into vials and ready to use. The result is obtained by a simple photometric reading.

In addition, thanks to Multitasking Mode, analysis times can be significantly reduced.

New methods, same reliability

The analytical methods developed by CDR research laboratories are optimised for reliable results. Like those obtained by traditional methods, but simpler and faster. The photometric technology used makes CDR FoodLab® systems highly sensitive instruments with a very wide measuring range, which ensures excellent repeatability of the analysis results.


Continuously Evolving

The company operates as a workshop of innovation and development that, thanks to a continuous research process, creates products and systems that meet the needs of rapidly changing markets.


An investment over time

Saving time and resources

With a single analysis system, the main analyses for quality and process control can be carried out quickly and easily, even without the intervention of chemically skilled operators. No calibration or periodic checks are necessary: the analysers are suppl


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