CDR KombuchaLab the easy-to-use analysis system to optimise your kombucha production process by obtaining results in real time.

Determination of pH in Kombucha

Maintaining the right pH during fermentation is essential to produce a high quality Kombucha. The proper pH promotes fermentation, prevents the growth of harmful bacteria and contributes to a nice taste. With CDR KombuchaLab you can easily determine the pH and manage the fermentation to obtain a product always in accordance with production standards.


Test Principle

pH value determination is made through a colorimetric acid-base reaction in which a chemical compound, added to the matrix to be analyzed, causes a variation of the coloration. The magnitude of the coloration, measured at 520 nm is correlated with the pH of the sample.

Calibration curve

The pH of several samples was measured using the CDR KombuchaLab and pH meter.


Reagent test Kits

Measuring range

AnalysesMeasuring rangeResolutionRepeatability

The Analyzers for process and quality control in kombucha brewing


CDR KombuchaLab

  • Complete analysis panel, supplied already configured
  • Up to 16 determinations simultaneously
  • Possibility of carrying out analyses of the same sample
  • Integrated printer
  • Full connections (LAN - USB - Bluetooth barcode/QR code reader)

CDR KombuchaLab Jr

  • Partial analysis panel, supplied configured with 3 analyses of your choice, implementable
  • Up to 3 determinations simultaneously
  • Wireless connection to external printer
  • USB connections