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p-Anisidine Value (AnV) test in Palm oil

The p-Anisidine value is used to assess the secondary oxidation of fatty substances and correlates with the presence of aldehydes and ketones, which are responsible for the rancid smell and taste. Thus, the Anisidine value indicates the "oxidative history" of an oil or fat. The CDR PalmOilTester method for the determination of p-anisidine of palm oil simplifies the official AOCS procedure (Cd 18-90), allowing the analysis to be carried out in less than 2 minutes using micro-quantities of palm oil sample, melted in a water bath, and a single non-toxic reagent. The results are correlated with those of the reference methods.


Principle of the test

Aldehydes, deriving from the secondary oxidation of fatty substances, react with p-anisidine resulting in an absorption measurable at 366 nm. The p-Anisidine value is expressed as AnV (Anisidine value).

Correlation curve with reference methods

The CDR FoodLab® method for the determination of p-anisidine of oils and fats, which is used by CDR PalmOilTester, has shown a good correlation with the AOCS Official Method Cd 18-90. In addition, the international reference laboratory Campden BRI has carried out comparative tests between the CDR method and the Campden BRI method (Campden BRI Method TES-AC-360): the correlation coefficient obtained is R²= 0.9942, which shows that the correlation between the two methods is very good.

Correlation curve of the CDR PalmoilTester method with the reference method obtained by the international reference laboratory CampdenBri. R² = 0.9942

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