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Determination of polymerised anthocyanins in wine and must

The CDR method for determining the degree of polymerisation of anthocyanins optimises the method developed by Parsec. The results of this analysis, together with those of the analysis of total anthocyanins, tannins and HCl index are used by the MoxEasy (Parsec) software to determine the optimal oxygen dose for micro-oxygenation.

The CDR WineLab® method is used, in a simple and fast manner, to perform the analysis of polymerised anthocyans directly in the cellar. It improves the analytical repeatability of the analysis developed by Parsec as the standard deviation passes from 1.8 of the reference method to 0.5 of the CDR method.


Controlling Maceration and Micro-oxygenation in the wine-making process

The determination of the polymerised anthocyans is part of a broad analysis panel developed by the CDR laboratories, implemented on CDR WineLab®, which offers the oenologist a precise and accurate control of both the polyphenolic extraction phase in red wines (maceration), and of the subsequent polyphenol stabilisation phase (and therefore of colour stabilisation) that occurs with the  micro-oxygenation process.

To learn more read ”Controlling Maceration and Micro-oxygenation in the wine-making process“.


Test Principle

The method exploits the discolouration with SO2. The method is based on the variation in absorbency of the wine at 420 and 520nm. The ratio between the sum of the two optical densities before and after the addition of sulphur dioxide estimates the concentration of the polymerised anthocyanins in the sample.

Calibration curve

The correlation curve of the determination of anthocyanins polymerised in wine with CDR WineLab®, carried out with respect to the Parsec method.


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