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Determination of Total Anthocyanins in Wine and Must

Anthocyanins, the pigments of the red grapes, are extracted during the grape maceration phase during alcoholic fermentation and then also in the case of possible post-fermentative maceration.

The CDR WineLab® method for the determination of anthocyanins was developed on the basis of the reference method (Ribéreau-Gayon and Stonestreet 1965).
Anthocyanins are found in the vacuolar juice of the skin cells and only exceptionally in specific vines in the pulp.

Controlling Maceration and Micro-oxygenation in the wine-making process

The CDR WineLab® method is simpler to perform and the analysis time is considerably reduced compared to the reference method, which makes it possible to evaluate the concentration of anthocyanins in must or wine directly at the winery without the need to perform tests in a laboratory using specialist staff.

Determination of the total anthocyanins is part of a broad analysis panel developed by the CDR laboratories, implemented on CDR WineLab®, which offers the oenologist a precise and accurate control of both the polyphenolic extraction phase in red wines (maceration), and the subsequent polyphenol stabilisation phase (and therefore of colour stabilisation) that occurs with the micro-oxygenation process.

To learn more read ”Controlling Maceration and Micro-oxygenation in the wine-making process“.


Test Principle

The analysis is based on the discolouration of anthocyanins in the presence of SO₂. Analysis of the discolouration carried out by SO₂ is measured at 520 nm in end-point and is proportional to the concentration of the anthocyanins present in the must/wine sample, expressed in mg/L.

Calibration curve

The calibration curve of the CDR WineLab® instrument, carried out comparing to the Ribéreau-Gayon and Stonestreet reference method of 1965, confirmed an excellent linearity of the system over the entire measurement range.


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