Determination of pH in wine

CDR WineLab analysis system fast, simple to use and reliable for determining multiple parameters in wine and mustWith CDR WineLab Touch is possible to determine pH in wine with a colorimetric method whose results are correlated to the results of the OIV method which is based on an electrochemical measuring.

CDR WineLab method, that does not require the use of any probe, does not need maintenance or calibration.

The Analyzers CDR WineLab for determining pH in Wine and Must

The system is supplied pre-calibrated and ready for use.
Results are expressed in accordance with the reference method.
It is also possible to standardize the system using samples with a known titration.
The reagents have a shelf-life of 12 months
The analytical methods are simple: the system does not require an equipped laboratory or skilled staff.

  CDR WineLab wine analyzer Touch VersionCDR WINELAB TOUCH CDR WineLab wine analyzer Junior VersionCDR WINELAB JUNIOR
Analyses Fermentable Sugars
Total Acidity
Acetic Acid
L-Lactic Acid
L-Malic Acid
Malolactic Fermentation
Free sulfur dioxide (Free SO2)
Total sulfur dioxide (Total SO2)
Yeast assimilable nitrogen (YAN)
Gluconic Acid
TPI – Total Polyphenols Index
Colour intensity and tonality
Configuration with tailored panel of analyses
Simultaneous Sample Analyses 16 3
Multiple Analyses on a Sample si


Test type: End Point.
Time testing: one test 1 minute 80 Test/Hour.
Are possible test sessions with several samples, up to a maximum of 16.

Calibration curve

The calibration curve of CDR WineLab for determination of pH in wine, obtained using reference methods, confirms the excellent linearity of the system over the whole testing range.

Determination of Ph In Wine Reference Method


Composition of the Kit and Reagents

Code *300310: The kit, designed for 10 tests, comprises:
1) R1: pre-filled cuvettes with reagent.

Test Principle

pH measures the dissociation grade of acids present in wine. This parameter influences the vinification and conservation of wine. The range of pH value is approximately 3.00 – 4.00. There is not any legal limit.

pH is determined through acid-base colorimetric reaction in which a phenol derivative, for addition of wine, undergoes a decoloration. The entity of this decoloration, measured at 630nm, is correlated to pH in the sample.

Processing – Sample Volume – Measuring Range


Wine: use as is.

Test Measuring range
Sample volume Resolution
(g/L of acetic acid)
pH 3,00 – 4,00 50 µL 0,01 0,02

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