Determination of DOBI & Carotene content in Palm Oil

CDR PalmOilTester: palm oil analysis system for quality and process controlsThe deterioration of bleachability index, or DOBI, is an analytical procedure intended for quality control of crude palm oil. The test attempts to predict the ease of refining of crude palm oil and indicates its oxidative status. Fruit quality is one of the most important factors affecting DOBI values, together with ripeness and storage conditions. Carotene content is also an important quality control parameter for crude palm oil.


  CDR PalmOilTester - palm oil analysis systemCDR PALMOILTESTER
Analyses Free Fatty Acids (FFA)
Peroxide Value
p-Anisidine Value (AnV)
DOBI & Carotene
Iodine Value
Simultaneous Sample Analyses 16
Multiple Analyses on a Sample si


Test type: End point
Testing time: one test 6 minute  
Are possible test sessions with several samples, up to a maximum of 16.
The system is supplied pre-calibrated and ready for use.

Calibration Curve / Correlation Data

CDR PalmOilTester shows a very good correlation with MPOB Test Methods p2.6 and p2.9.

Dobi and Carotene: correlation between MPOB method and Pamoiltester method

Principle of the test

The deterioration of bleachability index (DOBI) is the numerical ratio of the spectrophotometric absorbance at 446 nm to absorbance at 269 nm. The Carotene content is expressed as ppm of beta-carotene and it is calculated with an appropriate mathematical correlation with absorbance at 446 nm.

Reagent test Kits

The reagents are packaged in 4 bottles of 25 mL + 100 empty cuvettes and 100 caps

Code *300195 suitable for 100 tests

The reagents have a shelf-life of 12 months.

Sample Handling and Usage of Curves

Crude or refined palm oil, and palm kernel oil. Solid samples at room temperature must just be heated

Parameter Code Meas. range Resolution Repeatability
DOBI *300195 0.1 – 20 0.01 0.1
Carotene content *300195 0.1 – 1500 ppm 0.1 ppm 5 ppm

Reagents developed by CDR S.r.l - Quality System Certified ISO 9001 Ed. 2015 - Certificate n. 9115

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