Analysis of K270 parameter in Olive Oil

CDR OxiTester: the fast, simple and reliable olive oil testing system, to be used directly at theoil mill, in the oil processing plant or at the time of purchase In addition to providing useful information on the quality of olive oil and on its degree of oxidation , this test enables to identify rectified oil added to virgin olive oil, by leveraging the fact that mechanically extracted oils do not contain double or triple conjugated bonds that typically form during rectification.

Rectified oils therefore exhibit high UV absorbance values, specifically in the 270 nm region, which are significantly higher as compared to those of virgin and extra virgin oils. The greater absorption in the 270 nm region, during the most advanced oxidation stages, is determined also by the formation of ketone groups.

Analyzers to test K270 in Olive Oil 

CDR OxiTester: the fast, simple and reliable olive oil testing systemYou can determine the value of K270 in olive oil different systems of CDR FoodLab® range : CDR OxiTester for analysis of olive oil in oil mill, CDR FoodLab® for analysis of Vegetable and animal fats and oils

Matrici alimentari Olive Oil Vegetable and animal fats and oils
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Polyphenols/OSI in olive oil
Iodine Value (IV) in palm oil


End point test.
Test time: immediate.
It is possible to perform several test sessions with a maximum of 16 samples.

Principle of the test

The oil sample is dissolved in an appropriate solvent and the absorbance of the solution is read at 270 nm. Absorbance values are expressed as specific extinction E 1% 1 cm (1% extinction of a fatty substance in the prescribed solvent at a thickness of 1 cm), which is generally indicated as K and sometimes called extinction factor.

Calibration Curve / Correlation Data

The test calibration curve, obtained using reference methods, confirms the excellent linearity of the system in all the testing range.

K270 test with CDR OxiTester calibration curve

Reagent test Kits

The reagents are packaged in 4 bottles of 25 mL + 100 empty cuvettes and 100 caps

Code. 300570: 100 tests.

The reagents have a shelf-life of 24 months.

Sample handling and usage of curves

Oil: collect as is (olive oil, seed oil, nut oil, etc). .

Measuring range Resolution Repeatability
0.020 – 1.570 0.001 0.01

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