After 3 years of excellent collaboration CDR and Chemlaborreaktiv LLC (HLR) close the official agreement for the exclusive distribution of CDR FoodLab® product line in Ukraine.

Gabriele Casini, Sales Manager CDR FoodLab® said, “HLR is leader in distribution and service of lab equipment in Ukraine, we know them since 2017 and they have done a great job over the years promoting and supplying CDR FoodLab® to agri-food industries in Ukraine. It is now time to strengthen our partnership with the aim of increasing the presence of CDR products in Ukrainian territory.”

About HLR Chemlaborreaktiv LLC

HLR is one of Ukraine’s leading companies engaged in complex laboratory solutions development and distribution. Founded in 1995 HLR had grown from a small company focused in one segment into powerful supplier of everything starting from laboratory glassware and furniture to complex devices for high-end analysis. Today HLR is a reliable partner of Ukrainian enterprises working with pharmaceuticals, medical services, food and feed products, heavy industry and mining, etc.

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HLR Contact

Olha Siroshtan
Product manager
Chemlaborreaktiv LLC
Tel. +38 067 245 80 01

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CDR announces distribution agreement with HLR – Chemlaborreaktiv LLC for the CDR FoodLab® line of products