CDR KombuchaLab at the Kombucha Summit 2023

Our stand at the Summit was a bustling hub of interaction, where we connected with kombucha enthusiasts, producers, and experts from across the globe.

The Kombucha Summit, renowned for its focus on this unique beverage, provided a perfect platform for us to showcase CDR KombuchaLab – our innovative solution designed specifically for kombucha analysis. It was thrilling to share how CDR KombuchaLab can help to perform quality control in kombucha production process.

CDR KombuchaLab offers a range of analytical tests, including sugar, alcohol, acetic acid, and more, all crucial in crafting the perfect kombucha. What makes CDR KombuchaLab stand out is its ease of use  and rapid and reliable results, allowing producers to maintain consistent quality and flavor in their kombucha.


CDR KombuchaLab: Simplifying Analysis, Inspiring Connections

During the Summit, we demonstrated how CDR KombuchaLab simplifies the complex process of kombucha analysis. Our visitors were particularly impressed by the speed at which our system delivers accurate results, allowing for real-time adjustments in the brewing process.

The stories and insights shared by the kombucha community at the Summit were truly inspiring. It's evident that the world of kombucha is rich with creativity and passion, and CDR is excited to be a part of this journey. Our interactions at the Summit have further fueled our commitment to supporting kombucha producers with the best analytical tools.

As we continue to explore and contribute to the kombucha world, we look forward to maintaining these new connections and fostering collaborations. For those who couldn’t attend the Summit, we invite you to learn more about CDR KombuchaLab on our website. Discover how it can enhance your kombucha production process.

Thank you to everyone who visited us at the Kombucha Summit 2023. Your enthusiasm and curiosity about CDR KombuchaLab were truly heartening.