The importance of proper yeast recovery: Methods for determining the quantity of live cells (viability) and their vitality

The reuse of yeasts requires particular attention to recovered cell efficiency, in order to ascertain just how much sediment is required to achieve suitable fermentation for the type of beer you are looking to produce.
Determining viability, the number of live cells in yeast sediment available for reuse, is a solution to this problem, but it will be not enough.
It is important to assess recovered yeast in terms of VITALITY.
Vitality analysis indicates yeast cell health, enabling us to ascertain to what extent cells are capable of feeding and reproducing so that alcoholic fermentation can take place.
provides results in acidification power.
Therefore the CDR BeerLab® method for determining is simple to use, provides rapid results, is reliable and usable by any operator directly at the brewery on the production line.
Check out the key points about yests vitality in brewing process

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Evaluation of new features (VDK, yeast vitality) of the CDR BeerLab® Analyser

The international reference laboratory Campden BRI, innovation, research and technology centre for the food and drinks industry, carried out a study to evaluate the performance of the CDR BeerLab® for the analysis of yeast vitality and beer VDKs concentration. In summary, the CDR BeerLab® yeast vitality and VDK analyses show a linear correlation with the results obtained by the reference methods and the values obtained were similar (correlation R2 ≥ 0.9).

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CDR BeerLab at BBTech - BeerAttraction 2018

CDR and Sacco, italian distributor of CDR BeerLab, beer analysis system, participated in BBTechExpo 2018 (BeerAttraction) presenting many innovations. Let’s see how it went. The CDR BeerLab® system will be presented in USA at Craft Brewer Conference (CBC) in Nashiville. April 30-May 3, 2018.
We are waiting for you at booth number 2856.

See you at the CBC!

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The new CDR BeerLab junior enables also IBU and VDKs measurement and water analysis

The new CDR BeerLab® Junior has arrived. Unlike the previous version, CDR BeerLab® Junior enables IBU, VDKs measurement and water analysis too. Select the most useful brewing analyses to control your production process. The new CDR BeerLab® Junior also enables IBU, VDKs measurement, as well as water analysis.

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