olive oil

Comparison of total polyphenol analysis results as performed by CDR OxiTester vs. reference method as per COI/T.20/Doc. n. 29: 2009, by the Merceological Chemistry Laboratory of Florence. Download the

The new Total Polyphenol (Biophenol) test used by the CDR OxiTester has been tuned to the reference method COI/T.20/Doc. no. 29: 2009 by the Merceological Chemical Laboratory of Florence; the total olive oil polyphenol assay results as obtained by the CDR OxiTester method are in good accord with the values obtained by the reference method.

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Olive oil quality: analysis and study about the oil produced in 2014

The quality of the olive oil produced this year is much lower than the average of the past years. Our R&D laboratory made its annual analytical study of some samples of olive oil produced in Tuscany. Here you can read all the data and the result of the analysis and find a correlation between the quality parameters and summer rainfalls.

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Giampiero Cresti, director of OTA oil mill, the plant that uses OxiTester for olive oil analyses

Giampiero Cresti, manager of the Olivicoltori Toscani Associati, Cerbaia V.P. (Florence – Italy): “OxiTester can be used by everyone who is able to read! Besides it is very practical and fast. The operator has only to switch the power on, follow a very simple analytical procedure and he obtains immediately the results.”

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