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Determination of Calcium on beer, wort and water

Calcium analysis allows, in a simple and fast way, to quantify the concentration of the analyte in the water used in the brewing process and to control this parameter in the wort during the production process. Calcium reacts with the malt phosphates causing the decrease in pH, promotes enzymatic activity, contributes to the coagulation of proteins, the flocculation of yeast and the precipitation of oxalates.

Method Calcium on Water

Method Calcium on Beer and Wort

Test Principle

Calcium reacts with a chromogen and generates a colored complex, whose absorbance measured at 580 nm is proportional to the amount of the analyte present in the sample.

Calibration Curve

The calibration curve was made using calcium solutions with known value. The trend of the curve confirmed an excellent linearity of the system over the whole measuring range.


Reagent test Kits Calcium on Beer, Wort and Water

Measuring range Calcium on Water

AnalysesMeasuring rangeResolutionRepeatability

Measuring range Calcium on Beer and Wort

AnalysesMeasuring rangeResolutionRepeatability

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CDR BeerLab®

  • Complete analysis panel, supplied already configured
  • Up to 16 determinations simultaneously
  • Possibility of carrying out analyses of the same sample
  • Integrated printer
  • Full connections (LAN - USB - Bluetooth barcode/QR code reader)

CDR BeerLab® Jr

  • Partial analysis panel, supplied configured with 3 analyses of your choice, implementable
  • Up to 3 determinations simultaneously
  • Wireless connection to external printer
  • USB connections