CDR BeerLab®

An innovative photometric technology

The use of innovative photometric technology has made it possible to optimise and develop new analytical methods for determining important parameters of foods and beverages. The reading cell guarantees high sensitivity, a very wide measuring range and excellent repeatability of the analysis results thanks to innovative LED light sources with fixed wavelengths (ultraviolet - visible spectrum, power up to 6 O.D.).

Online help for analytical procedures

The system is easy and intuitive, everyone can use it in autonomy. Analyses are carried out in just a few steps. In addition, it has a help function that guides you step by step through the operations.

Multitasking Mode

The multitasking mode reduces analysis time. It is possible to perform several analyses simultaneously of the same sample or different determinations of the same parameter on a batch of different samples. During an analysis session you can start another one and put the first one in the background. You can return to background analysis with one click.

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Determination of several parameters on the same sample
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Determination of the same parameter on different samples

Internal memory

The analyser is equipped with an internal memory capable of storing thousands of analysis results that can be viewed on the display or exported via the USB or Ethernet port.

Barcode and QR Code Reader

The systems of CDR FoodLab® range handle barcode or QR code readers.
The sample code is automatically displayed on the analyser. It is possible to associate all the analyses performed on that sample.

Connection to a host computer or intranet

You can share analysis results by connecting the analyser to your intranet via the Ethernet port or export them by connecting the analyser via the USB port to the host computer.

Free of service and maintenance costs

No calibration is necessary because the instrument is supplied pre-calibrated. The analysers use LED light sources and therefore no periodic maintenance is required.


Reagent kits

CDR FoodLab® analysis systems use reagents supplied pre-filled in disposable test tubes, developed by CDR laboratories for the specific application, which make it possible to:

  • eliminate sample preparation or, when necessary, make it simple and fast;
  • make analytical procedures extremely fast and easy;
  • eliminate the need for calibration procedures;
  • eliminate the need to handle toxic or carcinogenic agents;
  • significantly reduce the amount of waste generated compared to standard methods.

The reagents are packaged in bags containing 10 test tubes for 10 tests. Packs of 100 tests consisting of 10 bags of 10 test tubes are also available.

Discover which item best suits your needs

Find the ideal solution according to your business activity or the chemical parameter to be determined. In a single instrument you have a complete analysis system at your disposal and all the answers quickly and easily.