The brewing sector

In recent years, on the international brewing scene a growing supply of craft beers has been developed, responding to the demands of consumers who are increasingly educated in terms of taste and quality.

Also in Italy the success of the craft sector has been overwhelming. In fact, there has recently been a progressive and considerable spread of microbreweries accompanied by a growing popularity of the beers they produce and market.

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Craft beers

Craft beers attract the consumer due to the remarkable organoleptic characteristics, the result of a production process that determines the strong point and at the same time the weak point. It is in a sense a “simplified” process in which neither the filtration nor the pasteurisation of the beer is foreseen; this makes it possible to keep the aromas and flavours of the raw materials unchanged, enhancing their qualities but making the product more vulnerable and less reproducible.

Control of the brewing process

The master brewer must always monitor the brewing through process controls that can help them to have a high production standard and a defect-free product.

To learn more about the issues related to chemical analysis to implement an effective brewing process control, fill out the form and download the article: “Analysis for control of the brewing process“.

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“Analysis for control of the brewing process“

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