The second edition of the ebook “How to Improve the Brewing Process” in online with three new articles. Click and take a look at the new edition.

Download the pdf e-book “How to Improve the Brewing Process” to know how to bring chemical beer analysis for Quality Control into your brewery without the need for a dedicated laboratory and QC team.

The e-book is a comprehensive collection of articles and case studies written by the researchers of the CDR Chemical Lab “Francesco Bonicolini” and their collaborators to improve the Quality Control into your Brewery.

Some e-book’s topics:

  • Chemical analyses for quality control of worts and beers
  • The evolution of sugars and of wort density during beer fermentation
  • CDR BeerLab®: The Effect of Dry-Hopping on Fermentable Sugars and ABV
  • The importance of proper yeast recovery
  • The aroma of butter having the name of diacetyl!
  • CDR BeerLab®: The Effect of Late and Dry-Hopping on IBU Value
  • Analysis of Mashing in the Brewery
  • The “silent” importance of water in beer production
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How to Improve the Brewing Process

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