Can you perform the chemical analyses of beer in-house to obtain a control of all the parameters useful for the production process in a simple and fast way?
The Simone Bellassai‘s answer is in the slideshow: “Beer and water analysis directly in your brewery“.

Through some case studies, Simone focuses his attention on how you can improve your in-house testing improving the efficiency of your beer making process.


Avoid waste and improve the quality of your beer

Case study "Analysis of Mashing in the Brewery wiritten by Dr Lee Walsh, QCL, CDR BeerLab distributor in UK

Reduce the mashing time improving the process efficiency

In Long man brewery, a brewery in East Sussex (UK), brewers ran an analysis of the mash process with a view that it may be possible to reduce the mashing time and improve process efficiency.

So they shown that analysis like fermentable sugars and starch give you the possibility to shorten the mashing time and FAN analysis gives you the possibility to manage at best the yeast growth avoiding to lose time and money.

Case Study: QCL AND HACKNEY BREWERY Late/Dry-Hopping - IBU Value

The Effect of Late and Dry-Hopping on IBU Value

It has been thought that late-hopping and dry-hopping do not contribute to IBUs in beer, however, in Hackney Brewery, another english brewery, brewers have been able to conduct an investigation into this with a very fast and easy in-house quality control.
So they have demonstrated a considerable increase in IBU value from both late and dry-hopping suggesting that alternative compounds present in hops do in fact contribute to the IBU value during the brewing process.

How can you run beer chemical analysis quickly and easily?

You can perform all chemical analyses for the in-house quality control in brewing process with CDR BeerLab®

  • CDR BeerLab® gives to the master brewer the possibility TO CREATE a complete and accurate in-house quality control directly in the brewery!
  • CDR BeerLab® can be used by everyone! NO chemical skills required!
  • With CDR BeerLab® YOU are able to save money and time improving, at the same time, the quality of your beer!
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Quality control in beer production process in-depth

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