CDR BeerLab® allows the brewmaster to realize a complete in-house Quality Control of the entire beer making process.

CDR BeerLab® is composed by thermostated analyzers based on photometric technology that uses LED emitters and a wide panel of analysis kits use pre-filled reagents in package of 10 tests, designed and produced by CDR.


What are the most important CDR BeerLab® advantages compared to the standard reference methods?

  • Reduced the time consuming
  • Very easy handling
  • Ready to use reagents
  • You DON’T NEED a laboratory
  • NO maintenance
  • The system is already calibrated
  • Everyone can run analysis with CDR BeerLab®

CDR BeerLab® panel of analysis

CDR BeerLab®: panel of analyses on Beer, Wort and Water

The Webinar

Watch the registration of the webinar!  In this webinar, that is in the program of education of the Master Brewers Association (MBAA), Simone gives the technical information on improving the brewing process through the use of the CDR BeerLab® system, using some case studies and making a practical demonstration of the product to show how the analyses, that can be run with it, help to ensure beer quality.

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