The international reference laboratory Campden Bri analyzing a number of important beer and wort quality parameters as ph, bitterness, colour and alcohol, realized a comparison study between CDR BeerLab® analytics methods and reference methods.

They found that:
“Accuracy of the CDR BeerLab® with regards to agreement with the declared values of ABV was very good for all sample types.“

Moreover, in the executive summary, Campden Bri focused on the following points:

  • The instrument was easy to use
  • The user interface was logical and user friendly
  • No calibration is required
  • Compared to traditional alcohol and bitterness methods, the CDR BeerLab® methods were much quicker
  • The system has a low environmental impact due to minimal waste production and the very low sample and reagent volumes required
  • Analysis of ten replicates of the same brand of beer showed that the CDR BeerLab® had greatest precision in the measurement of pH and least for bitterness.

To know more download the complete report on the box below:

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Assessment of the CDR BeerLab® Analyser