CDR FoodLab®
Quality control of bakery products and spreads with CDR FoodLab®

Quality control of bakery products and spreads with CDR FoodLab®

With CDR FoodLab®, you can quickly and easily carry out quality control of bakery products, sweet baked snacks, snacks and spreads, from the raw materials used to the finished product.


What can you analyse?

CDR FoodLab® enables a range of parameters to be determined of the finished product, thanks to the very simple and rapid sample preparation methods developed in the CDR research laboratories, which do not involve the use of toxic solvents.

The instrument also allows to carry out a wide range of analyses of raw materials used for the production of bakery products and spreads such as milk, egg products, oils and fats.

The rancidity and shelf-life of the finished product

Quality control of bakery products no longer requires long and complicated extraction processes, toxic solvents, costly waste disposals or extractor hoods. With CDR FoodLab® it is possible to assess the rancidity and TOTOX* value of finished products by determining acidity, peroxides and anisidine of the extracted fat in 10 minutes. Thanks to the methods developed in the CDR laboratories, fat extraction is very simple and fast, the risks for the operator are eliminated and the environmental impact is minimised.

Sample preparation for the analyses of oils and fats of the finished product

Check lactose and alcohol content of the finished products

CDR FoodLab® is used to determine the lactose in bakery products to verify the actual quantity of lactose present in lactose-free products and to perform the analysis of alcohol content both on a antibacterial solution and on a finished product, determining the starting alcohol concentration and the final product concentration respectively, in order to avoid exceeding the legal limit.

Sample preparation for the analyses of lactose and alcohol content of the finished product

Which model is the most suitable for your needs?


CDR FoodLab®

  • Complete analysis panel, supplied already configured
  • Up to 16 determinations simultaneously
  • Possibility of carrying out analyses of the same sample
  • Integrated printer
  • Full connections (LAN - USB - Bluetooth barcode/QR code reader)

CDR FoodLab® Jr

  • Partial analysis panel, supplied configured with 3 analyses of your choice, implementable
  • Up to 3 determinations simultaneously
  • Wireless connection to external printer
  • USB connections

CDR FoodLab® is:



The instrument ensures results in accordance with reference methods. The use of LED reading cells guarantees high sensitivity, a wide measuring range and excellent repeatability of the results.



The analytical methods are simpler than traditional ones. The system can be used not only in the laboratory, but also on the production line in real time, by non-expert operators. In addition, the instrument has a Help function for step-by-step user guide.



The methods developed in CDR laboratories speed up the analysis procedures:  sample preparation is absent or very simple and analyses are carried out in just a few steps. It is possible to analyse several samples simultaneously or manage the determination of several analytical parameters at the same time of the same sample.

Our quality is certified

Improve the quality of your products

CDR FoodLab® allows you to carry out quality control of your production quickly and easily from the raw materials to the finished product.

CDR FoodLab® is the chemical analysis system for quality and process control that allows you to determine a wide range of parameters of many foods, animal feeds and pet foods.