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Analysis of Chloride in tomato derivatives

The chloride test allows to identify the possible addition of sodium chloride in the tomato. The addition of salt is legislated on the basis of the type of product to be produced and therefore must respect the established limits. This analysis allows to quantify the concentration of salt in products such as peeled tomatoes, tomato puree and other derivatives.


Test Principle

Reaction involved in the analysis of chlorides in tomato products

Chloride ions react with mercuric thiocyanate and form thiocyanate ions. The thiocyanate ions react with the Fe (III), giving an orange-colored complex whose intensity, measured at 505 nm, is directly proportional to the concentration of chlorides in the sample.

Calibration Curve

Comparative tests, on samples of tomato performed between the reference method and the CDR FoodLab® method, made in a leading tomato production company, have confirmed a very good alignment between the two systems

Calibration curve with the reference method of the analysis of chlorides in tomato products. R² = 0.992 - R² = 0.9953

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Analyzers for quality control of tomato products


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