CDR FoodLab® is the chemical analyzer for quality and process control that allows you to determine a wide range of parameters of many foods, animal feeds and pet foods.

Reducing sugar test in tomato derivatives

The analysis of Reducing Sugars (glucose and fructose) with CDR FoodLab® allows you to quickly and easily quantify the concentration of the analyte inin tomato derivatives.


Test Principle

Glucose and fructose react with a complex enzyme with the consequent production of NADH. The increase in absorbance, measured at 366 nm in the end-point, is directly proportional to the concentration of the analyte.

Calibration Curve

Comparative tests, on samples of tomato performed between the reference method and the CDR FoodLab® method, made in a leading tomato production company, have confirmed a very good alignment between the two systems.

Calibration curve with the reference method of the analysis of the sugars in tomato. R² = 0.9967

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Measuring Range

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CDR FoodLab®

  • Complete analysis panel, supplied already configured
  • Up to 16 determinations simultaneously
  • Possibility of carrying out analyses of the same sample
  • Integrated printer
  • Full connections (LAN - USB - Bluetooth barcode/QR code reader)

CDR FoodLab® Jr

  • Partial analysis panel, supplied configured with 3 analyses of your choice, implementable
  • Up to 3 determinations simultaneously
  • Wireless connection to external printer
  • USB connections