From July through October 2001, Standard Latte Laboratory, which is part of the Associazione Italiana Allevatori (Italian Breeders Association) ran 2,500 tests to assess CDR FoodLab® method.

The functional tests were aimed at determining the Milk Urea Nitrogen (MUN) in milk of cows, buffalos and sheeps.

These tests validate the analysis method (CDR FoodLab® method) of all the analysis systems of the CDR FoodLab® Line.

The following tests were performed:

  • Determination of the testing time
  • Measurement of the temperature in each well
  • Repeatability tests
  • System calibration
  • System linearity
  • Sensitivity and recovery tests
  • Variation of the batches
  • Test aimed at controlling possible interferences with fats
  • Dilution tests


Some Conclusions

  • CDR FoodLab® can be used to determine the concentration of Urea with no prior sample processing.
  • The thermostating of the 15 wells (37° C ± 0,4° C) was consistent and the differences reported were within the stated tolerance.
  • Manual operations had not impact on the results.
  • Repeatability was generally good.
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Report on the functional tests carried out on the CDR FoodLab® instrument